Job Opening for PhD in Inorganic Chemistry

We would like to advertise a job opening for a doctoral student in inorganic chemistry at Lund University, Sweden. The project involves the development and study of organometallic compounds based primarily on late metals. Focus will be on the development of catalysts for deoxygenation/defunctionalization of carbonyls through hydrogenation/hydrogenolysis. Please be referred to the full job opening:

IYCN Presence at the Merck Elsevier Young Chemist Symposium

At the Merck Elsevier Young Chemist Symposium our delegates Claudia Bonfio and Marta Da Pian organized a periodic table speed networking game! Thanks to all the people who participated and @SciGiovani board! #IYCNPresence

A recent RSC report gives insights into women's retention and progression in academic institutio

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) released a report titled “Breaking the barriers – Women’s retention and progression in the chemical sciences”. This report relies on an open survey of roughly 1800 respondents including non-chemists and highlights issues women face in making a chemistry career in academia in the UK. Although this is the main focus of the report, most of the addressed problems are common for women and men trying to stay in academia in general and not necessarily typical for the UK academics only. IYCN supports equal opportunities for everyone establishing their own personal career despite their career choice. Therefore, we want to encourage you to read this report and shar

5th IYCN Newsletter

The latest issue of our IYCN Newsletter is now released! Read here how young chemists from around the world spread the idea of IYCN and build a world-wide network of young students, researchers, and professionals! #newsletter

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