Conference Presence at JCF-Frühjahrssymposium 2019 in Bremen

Sebastian Weber, Social Media Team Chair & IYCN Board member, presented IYCN's activities and talked with interested people from several European countries. He was also supported by IYCN Finance Chair & JCF national board member Willis Muganda, IYCN Finance Team Member Torsten John, and IYCN Social Media Team Member Maximilian A. Springer. From left to right: Willis Muganda, Sebastian Weber, Torsten John, Maximilian A. Springer #IYCNPresence

IYCN Outreach Competition: Engaging the Next Generation

IYCN is pleased to announce the first IYCN Outreach Competition: Engaging the Next Generation, sponsored by CAS, with the 2019 theme of Climate Change! The winning experiment will win a prize worth 250USD and be translated and shared on for use in chemistry outreach by chemistry volunteers around the globe! How can you enter? - Visit the competition website - Download our experiment template - Read the competition rules and conditions Remember: You must submit your entry in English – don’t worry, we will judge the science, not the language and the winning entry will receive a full English language editing service, if necessary. Deadline: 11:59pm GMT on

Nominations are open for 2019 Dream Chemistry Award

The “Dream Chemistry Award” (DCA) aims is to award a young scientist with a chemistry background for an idea of a scientific project in the field of chemistry or chemistry-related disciplines that they dream to solve. It is organized jointly by IOCB Prague and the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences and this fourth round will take place in Prague on December 2-3. The rules of the contest are simple: Self-nominations are not possible - all candidates must be nominated by invited nominators, who are respected experts in chemistry Eligible candidates must have been born in 1982 or later and must have obtained a Ph.D. degree in 2012 or later Candidates must apply by

IYCN General Assembly

The general assembly of IYCN will take place on the 7th July during IUPACs World Chemistry Congress in Paris this year. We already contacted chemical organizations worldwide to nominate their official delegates. If you are interested in representing your country and getting involved in IYCN, please contact your national society and ask whether a delegate is already nominated or you can represent your country. The attendance can be in person though we also offer to participate via online communication. Further information will follow later, also check our website for regular updates regarding our presence in Paris. We want to have as many countries as possible participating our general assemb

The NHU Green Chemistry prizes

IUPAC-NHU International Award for Advancements in Green Chemistry was recently launched and the applications are now open. The objective of this award is to encourage young professional chemists and experienced chemists of the importance of advancements in Green Chemistry and the value of experimental sciences to human progress. This includes three early career chemist awards of 2000$ each and one experience chemist award of 10.000$. Application deadline is 30th April at #IUPAC #Opportunities

Postgraduate Summer School on Green Chemistry

The Green Chemistry Summer School will be held from May 12-19, 2019 in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. You are all kindly invited to participate to the Summer School. The registration fees is US$ 200 and will cover: Lecture materials, Lunch and refreshments during sessions, Transport between conference hall and hotels. Online registration open until 30th April 2019. Abstracts submission deadline 14th April 2019 More information #IUPAC #Opportunities

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