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IYCN is starting to collaborate with IUPAC

As a group of likeminded young scientists we are truly aware of the globalization of chemistry within our societies. While many countries were represented in Boston and Sevilla, we know there is so much more of the world that needed representation. And that leads us to today, planning for the official launch of IYCN at the 46th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress in São Paulo, Brazil. During this congress, IYCN will collaborate with local organizers, as well as societies around the world to host two major symposia that discuss issues of great importance to rising stars in chemistry: Green Chemistry practices and Intellectual Property rights. Along with this, we will organize a networking coffee session highlighting many countries in attendance to show the true breadth of the ways in which IYCN can unite early career chemists. At this congress IYCN will not only come together for the first official time with IUPAC members but we will also elect our first board that will continue to work towards our collaborative, international efforts.


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