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FJS 2017: Call for Applications International “Spring Symposium” of the young chemist network in Ger

We were able to finish the review process for the first fellowships awards of the International Younger Chemist Network.

We are very happy and satisfied to inform you about the winners:

  • Oboto WoIdara

  • Naira Buzzo Anhesine

  • Xuyen Nguyen

  • Onyema Chukwuebuka Thanksgod

  • Maxim Trubyanov

  • Kseniia Otvagina

Congratulations, our winners has been awarded with a fellowship to be a participant at the “Spring Symposium” 2017 of the Young Chemist Network in Germany.

This annual international conference is located in Mainz at the Johannes Gutenberg University this year (March, 28th - April, 1st 2017). As mentioned in the call of applications, we will cover flights to Germany, accommodations and the conference fee.

Additionally there will be a program with valuable experience in the field of young international researchers, for example industries visits and social activities. This will allow you to expand your network and experience the values of the IYCN – communicate, collaborate, educate and mentor.

What are your next steps:

IYCN will also provide to the winners a personal mentor, who will help to guide your way to Germany and provide you with additional information.



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