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International “Spring Symposium” of the young chemist network (JCF) in Germany

Younger chemists from Brazil, Russia, Nigeria, and Vietnam, all winners of the first fellowship award organized by the International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN) and the German Chemical Society (GDCh), have just returned from Mainz, Germany where they participated in an international Spring Symposium “JCF-Frühjahrssymposium 2017” and visited famous global industries.

Prior to the start of the conference, awardees visited Merck, the world's oldest chemical-pharmaceutical company, in Darmstadt. The main activities of the company include but are not limited to, high-tech materials (liquid crystals, OLED screens and solar panels), biopharmaceuticals and life-scenes (laboratory equipment). In addition, Sanofi AG, the German branch of one of the world's leading pharmaceutical corporations, named "Hoechst Industrial Park" opened its doors to the IYCN fellowship recipients.

The industrial park is surrounded by the city of Frankfurt, a major logistics center at the intersection of road, air and railway. More than 80 large and small chemical enterprises have facilities, large investments and are the residents of this site.

Duringt the conference JCF-Frühjahrssymposium 2017 in Mainz, the birthplace of the first printer Johann Gutenberg, fellowship winners presented posters on their scientific achievements and gained valuable experience in the NMR interpretation workshop.

As a result of this one-week physical exchaange, the laureates of the first IYCN and GDCh fellowship got acquainted with the current and cutting edge trends in the chemical industry, while having the opportunity to joined the chemical community on a global platform.

Ksenia and Maxim

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