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The 1st issue of the IYCN Newsletter

We are excited to launch our first issue of the IYCN Newsletter. The Newslet- ter is part of the pioneer projects of the Social Media subcommittee and is aimed at disseminating information about key activities/projects within the IYCN, interesting topics, general advertisements and announcement of future events. In the first few volumes editions we would keep the newslet- ter as a platform to share information across the different subcommittees within the IYCN. We hope that after the first few publications, we will find a better way of repositioning the Newsletter and its contents.

In the future the newsletter should be able to inform everyone who is interested or members of the supporting country and specific organizations about our work. We will try to establish a platform where people can find contacts or ideas for their collaboration within the scientific and especially chemical community. In a more and more globalized world it is totally necessary to stay in contact across boarders and help each other in managing the problems of the future. As scientists, we should be able to interface contact ”the normal” society in case of scientific related questions. This is becoming more necessary in a fast changing world with more and more scientific and technical devolpements in the light of sociopolitical problems.

As young chemists we have a role to play in the advancement of chemistry and science generally, especially in the communication of our achievements.



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