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IYCN presence at 20th Northeast Student Chemistry Research Conference

The 20th Northeast Student Chemistry Research Conference was hosted this year at Northeastern University's brand new Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex. Every year the Northeastern Section Younger Chemists Committee (NSYCC) organizes a full-day event for post-docs, graduate students, and undergraduates in the region to gain experience in conference presentations. This is intended to prepare the attendees for presenting at larger conferences and practice talking about their science. This year there were over 120 attendees, 6 oral and 72 poster presentations. Vice-Chair Dr. Lori Ferrins served as a judge for the event and Conference Presence Chair Catherine Rawlins and fellow member Caitlyn Mills were two of the main organizers. Catherine gave a 5 minute elevator speech about the IYCN to the audience in addition to having a poster about IYCN on display for the duration of the event. The conference was a huge success and we hope to have an IYCN presence again next year!

More information about the conference:

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