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New Awardees of Periodic Table of Younger Chemists Announced

On 20 December 2018, IUPAC and IYCN jointly revealed the names of eight younger chemists being awarded an element of the Periodic Table of Younger Chemists.

Find more information about the Periodic Table of Younger Chemists:

Congratulations to all new awardees:

- Cr, chromium, Elisa Orth, Associate professor at Federal University of Paraná, in Brazil

- Be, beryllium, Gabriela Desireé Tormet-González, from Venezuela, PhD Candidate, University of Campinas (Brazil)

- V, vanadium, Guihua Yu, Professor, University of Texas Austin, USA

- Nb, niobium, Naoaki Yabuuchi, Professor at Yokohama National University, Japan

- Ta, tantalum, James Gardner, Associate professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden

- Pd, palladium, Ilja Voets, Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology in Netherlands

- Ce, cerium, Martine Abboud from Lebanon, Junior Research Fellow at University of Oxford (UK)

- Os, osmium, Juris Meija, Research Officer at National Research Council of Canada

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