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Opportunity to submit for a presentation at IUPAC2019

“The International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN): Shaping the Future Worldwide”

The IYCN is hosting a symposium during the IUPAC 2019 congress in Paris, France on Tuesday July 8th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The goal of the symposium is to highlight the work of young chemist volunteers worldwide and their contributions to scientific outreach in their respective fields. The presentation should include a brief summary of your research activity (no more than 5 minutes) and your contribution to science beyond the lab (10 minutes).

There are five slots available for 20 minute talks at this symposium (15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions) which will end with a keynote address and lunch time discussion. To be considered for a talk, please send abstracts to by Midnight GMT Monday February 25th, 2019. Abstracts received after this time will not be considered.


● Must use the template provided to format and submit your abstract

● Please include in your abstract submission if you are affiliated with IYCN and/or have been selected for the Periodic Table of Younger Chemists and your element

● Must have relevant examples of volunteer work (e.g. outreach programs, presentations in schools, participation in science cafes, event and symposium organization, etc.) in their home country or working country

● Must have funding to attend the meeting from another source. Currently, IYCN does not have funds to reimburse speakers, but if circumstances change we will do our best to assist.

Please spread the word of this opportunity through your network and we look forward to receiving your abstracts!

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