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IYCN at PITTCON Conference and Expo Philadelphia

IYCN had the opportunity to be present this year in PITTCON, an annual conference and exposition for laboratory science, which combines participants from industry, academia and government from more than 90 countries. Fatima Mustafa, IYCN Secretary, had the chance to promote IYCN in this international event by personally meeting chemists from Asia, Europe, Africa, and North & South Americas mainly during the expo, and poster the sessions. Young chemists were excited about IYCN and were encouraged to share the news about IYCN in their respective communities through various IYCN promotional materials. Many have showed active interest in joining the network.

A group of young chemists at PITTCON, Left to right: Fatima Mustafa, Madhuri Jayathirtha, Devika Channaveerappa, and Yaroslav Filipov (Clarkson University)

#IYCNPresence #iycn


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