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1st ECP Job Exchange

Dear Young Chemists,

At the 3rd European Chemistry Partnering event, taking place in Frankfurt, Germany, on 27th February 2020, there will for the first time be a Job Fair. Please see the mailing below.


Job seeker! Watch out!

Quick start to the job with the 1st ECP job exchange at the 4th European Chemistry Partnering; 27th February 2020, Frankfurt, Germany

The European Chemistry Partnering is the unique business speed dating for the chemical industry. We need innovations, creative people want to make a difference: in 2019 there were over 800 participants from 40 countries and over 500 organizations and companies at the 3rd ECP, from startups to medium-sized companies to large companies and investors.

The companies are looking for creative chemists to achieve the sustainability goals and the circular economy.

You are seeking for your 1st Job in the chemical industry?

You can present yourself at the European Chemistry Partnering at the “1st ECP Job Exchange” in the DinA3 CV template, display your full CV and business cards, and use the networking zone to make initial contacts, as well as the exhibition, the keynote, the pitches and workshops visit. The companies and organizations participating in the ECP come from all over Europe.

The template can be found here with example 1 and example 2.

The price?

And all for Junior Tickets at 97 euros (net), sponsored by the organizer of the ECP, BCNP Consultants GmbH


1. Send an e-mail to with your completed template.

2. You will then receive your personal registration code.

The organizer of the European Chemistry Partnering takes care of everything else.

Your ECP-CV template are printed in color and presented in the exhibition on the ECP job exchange. You can display your long CVs and business cards.

Be sure to use the QR code to directly contact your LinkedIn profile.

You will get a unique number of contacts for a quick start to the job.

Any questions?

Please contact contact with the subject 1. ECP job exchange

For your first job in the chemical industry, the chemical industry or in one of the many branches of chemistry.

Jasmin M. Herr & Holger Bengs, initiator of ECP



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