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4th IYCN Experiment Competition Winners Announced!

Join us in applauding the outstanding winners of the 4th IYCN Outreach Competition 2022! 🏆🎉

🥇 João Paulo Stadler - Exploring the potential of "Biodiesel Synthesis: Thinking Renewable Energy Production Processes" to revolutionize clean and affordable energy solutions. 🌿💡

🥇 Zehra Çobandede - Revolutionizing the future with "Hybrid Energy System on Electric Vehicle," a remarkable project promoting clean and affordable energy alternatives. ⚡🚗

Their groundbreaking contributions bring us closer to a sustainable and eco-friendly future. Congratulations to the joint winners! 🎊👏

#IYCN #CleanEnergy #AffordableEnergy #Innovation #Sustainability #GreenFuture


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