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IYCN Workshop: Non-Traditional Career Paths for Chemists

Have you ever wondered the different career paths you can take as a chemist? Were you looking for a career in chemistry away from laboratory or research environment that you enjoy and matches your personal interests?

Chemists can deploy their skills and knowledge in many ways and in less commonly known fields such as consulting, intellectual property, sales and services, science communication, among others.

In this free live workshop, the International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN) will host three chemists that will share their career paths and highlight some non-traditional careers that those with a chemistry background can pursue.

Join us to hear, learn and engage in a panel discussion with: - Lucy Padget, Patent Attorney, Alembia Intellectual Property, UK - Dr. Maritza Quintero, Medical Writing Consultant, USA -Cristian Aviles-Martin, Technical Consultant, USA

Save your spot by registering here.


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