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Science Outreach: workshop of the IYCN series on professional development skills

The next International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN) virtual workshop of the series on professional development skills will focus on Science Outreach (flyer attached) and will take place on February 25th at 2:30 pm CET via GoToWebinar platform.

The workshop is completely FREE but requires registration via the following link:

This workshop will showcase outreach activities to be pursued by early-career scientists aimed at making science more accessible to, promoting awareness, and evoking the interest of the general public in understanding its impact in our daily lives and supporting the pursuit of science, attempting to improve public science education. It intends to empower young scientists with skills to effectively participate in educational outreach and engage and convey science to the general public. The workshop will gather experienced panelists from across the world that will share their career paths and disclose their experience in pursuing a diverse poll of outreach activities to engage the general public in a two-way dialogue and effectively convey science! Join us to hear, learn and engage in a panel discussion with: Dr. Amanda Bongers – Assistant Professor at Queen’s University, Canada Dr. Omayra Padilla De Jesús – Executive Director at Rise High, Inc., USA Dr. Stephanie Chan – Associate Professor at Curtin University, Malaysia Looking forward to seeing you there!


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