Our Vision

"Connect and empower younger chemists globally"

Our Mission

“The IYCN supports and advocates for younger scientists working across the chemical sciences towards a globally sustainable future”

IYCN aims to be inclusive in every possible way, welcoming members from the scientific community on a global scale. One of our specific goals is to communicate the opportunity to join and develop this network to chemists in every country.

IYCN wants to reach out to chemists of all nationalities. A network such as IYCN can only succeed if young chemists from all nations have the opportunity to join, network and participate. We have previously reached out to young chemists from many countries (see the current map) and continue to seek out ambassadors from the underrepresented countries. While many IYCN members will also be involved in other societies, a platform like IYCN is a constructive route of bridging international borders.

As of today, a truly global network of young chemists has not been established. Also, in most developing countries national chemical societies do not have key programs for the sustainable integration of students and early career professionals. It is our hope that the IYCN can develop into not only a network of young chemists but also a lasting system to foster growth and mentorship in chemistry.

International Younger Chemists Network

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About us

Our four pillars

Communicate    •    Collaborate    •    Educate    •    Mentor

In order to communicate, we aim to organize symposia at all IUPAC Congresses in the future, international conferences, and create a platform to connect young chemists. 

Education is accomplished through conference fellowship awards, symposia organization (both physical and virtual), as well as bringing increased awareness through social media routes. 

We mentor by organizing programs for career development (including resume building, cover letter writing, and soft skills), creating an open access forum for chemists with questions to interact, and working with established chemists to develop our programming to provide career outlooks and advice. 

In the realm of collaboration, we believe that working directly with IUPAC (see the Memorandum of Understanding) and the interdisciplinary nature of the divisions and committees we can begin to have an influential voice for young chemists. 


Current Projects


2020 IYCN Outreach


Visit the official website of the competition here

Experiment Database

Experiments are freely available to download in different languages in a PDF file. 

Collaboration with

Chemists Without Borders

Chemists Without Borders utilizes the knowledge of chemistry to solve problems and improve the lifestyles of less fortunate people in a variety of countries. Learn more about CWB here!


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