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ChemVoices: Leadership and Your Career

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Workshop on Scientific Writing and Publishing

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Workshop on Science Outreach


Workshop on Science Communication


Empowering Diversity in Science


Diversity in Career Paths in Chemistry


Fostering Innovation through Collaboration


Preparing and Thriving in Graduate School


Resilience: a key in overcoming challenges

Chemists beyond the bench


IYCN-YCC ACS Raising Next Generation Entrepreneurs towards a Globally Sustainable Future

Job Hunting During COVID-19

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Fellowships and Awards for Young Chemists


Chemists Fighting COVID-19 – Tools to Thrive Remotely


Chemists Fighting COVID-19 – The Status Quo

Attended conferences

IYCN members have been attending conferences in several countries on behalf of our organization. We are eager to expand our network to more countries, so please contact us if you are interested. 


Past Events

IYCN members attended these events on behalf of the IYCN

Sep 09, 2020


IYCN Representatives: Fun Man Fung and Rui Yang Teo (IYCN member from Singapore)

Sep 07, 2020

Virtual Twitter Forum

IYCN representative: Gabriela Tormet-Gonzalez @gaby_dtgenome

Jul 06, 2020

Online - Unive

IYCN Representative: Fun Man Fung

Feb 19, 2020

Blankenberge, Belgium

IYCN Representative: Emiel Dobbelaar

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Information for members: Interested in Representing IYCN at Your Next Conference?

For a chance to be considered as an IYCN conference representative please submit this form within two months of the conference you intend to participate in. Decisions will be made within two weeks of the form submission.