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History of IYCN

Incubation, Initiation and Launch


Established as a task force in Boston during the ACS Fall national meeting.  


Soft launch at EuCheMS in Sevilla. Formal IUPAC Project Proposal.


Official launch in Brazil, as an associate member organization of IUPAC.


Our General Assembly took place during the IUPAC 2019 conference in Paris.

Find more of our GA and IUPAC2019 here.


Where we come from
(Map showing the different countries currently represented at IYCN as of Aug. 2023)

Where we come from
Executive Board

IYCN Executive Board



Torsten John



Bianca Davids



Marilia Valli



Katharina Ehrmann 

Industry Relations Committee 


Eva Vandaele


The Industry Relations Committee strives to build long-term relationships with partners in industry and seeks funding and grants to realize project-specific activities of the IYCN. The Committee is also interested in organizing events and projects together with industrial partners across the chemical sciences.

Katherin Dibbon.jpeg

Katherine Dibbon


The goal of the Social Media Committee is to build and maintain an online presence for the IYCN on various social media channels. This includes managing the IYCN website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram accounts, and a YouTube channel. In addition, the Social Media Committee is responsible for publishing the IYCN newsletters and promoting all the IYCN projects, activities and events, and other relevant events of interest to early-
career chemists.

Social Media Committee 

Governance Committee 

Governance - Riya.jpeg

Riya Rajayyan


The Governance Committee works to update the IYCN Statutes and By-laws and plan/coordinate the yearly IYCN General Assembly. Its role is to anticipate and resolve issues regarding governance (internal rules, formal relationship with IUPAC and other parties) that guide the actions of the network and the mission
and vision of the IYCN.

Conference Presence Committee 

Tracy Lau.jpg
Walid Heiba.jpg

Tracy Lau and Walid Heiba


The goals of the Conference Presence Committee are to support the vision and
mission of the IYCN. We collaborate with international societies to organize activities, events and share resources to expand our network. Our goal is to be present at international conferences through flyers, oral and poster presentations, and to connect virtually with other early-career chemists around the world.

Public Outreach Committee 

Shahrul Ahmad_photograph.jpeg

 Shahrul Ahmad


The Public Outreach Committee is focused on promoting the vision and mission of the IYCN across the chemistry community through articles, talks, and online resources in different languages to ensure that chemistry and the work of the IYCN are understood and accessible to a broad community. The Committee organizes annual experiment outreach competitions and recently launched a mentoring program.

International Society Liaison 



Dan Reddy


The International Society Liaison Committee serves as a bridge between the
IYCN and other international societies and organizations. The Committee disseminates opportunities to collaborate and establishes links between partners and the IYCN. The Committee also assists the IYCN Executive Board by providing strategic and actionable advice for each potential collaboration and
facilitates communication and cooperation with relevant parties.

Science for Policy Committee 

Headshot_Lovish Raheja_Science for Policy Committee Leader.jpeg

Lovish Raheja


The Science for Policy Committee aims to raise awareness and encourage the participation of early-career chemists globally in science policy by gathering and providing resources and training, collaborating with international organizations, early-career networks, and policymakers, and contributing to relevant discussions. The Committee will also cooperate with other IYCN Committees in organizing events to address global challenges and strive for a sustainable future.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee 

Headshot_Robert Richardson_EDI Committee Leader.jpeg

Robert Richardson


The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee aims to pursue diversity and develop strategies to increase EDI among IYCN Members, as well as historically marginalized communities in the chemical sciences worldwide. The Committee strives for EDI in all IYCN projects and activities, working and collaborating closely with the other committees. We aim to organize events and collect and share resources to promote and support EDI within the chemistry community worldwide.



Graphic Designer


Bren Felisilda

Anyanwu Solomon Nonso

Committee Members

Committee Members

Industry Relations

Max Männel

Aliyu Akeem

Conference Presence 

Francisco Silva

Marco Nicolas

Alejandro Gonzalez

Elisa Bras

Nourhan Nasr

Margaret Taiwo

Samuel Nwosu

Yamkela Nomnganga

Silvina Di Pietro

Carlos Alface

International Society Liaison

Abdullahi Aborode

Giulia Moncelsi

Bharat Allam

Hajar Lamkhanter

André Fonseca

Riaz Ali

Moustafa Abdallah

Milan Sadan

Social Media 

Nnanake-Abasi O. Offiong

Dimitra Pournara

Bren Felisilda

Science for Policy

Maulline Gragau 
Jovana Millic
Nicole Ann L. Tuberon
Francisca J. Benítez 
Jose Caetano
Manuel Souto 

Aline Villareal


Eliza Jara

Oluwatubi Amusan

Thomas Odey Magu

Riya Rajayyan

William Li

Public Outreach 

Emiel Dobbelaar

Hooi-Ling Lee

Ramia Al Bakain

Hossny Ismail

Yvonne Shuen Choo

Vanessa Nascimento

Arif Faisal Ahmed

Tony Kinoti

Kyangzi Calderon

Mabuetsela Maphoru

Aurora Walsh

Monja Schilling

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Selina Ama Saah

Julio Terra

Carlos da Silva Jr

Kim Yongbeom

Chanat Aonbangkhen


João Borges



Bailey Mourant


Past IYCN Chairs / Vice-Chairs

Lori Ferrins.jpg

Lori Ferrins



João Borges



Torsten John


EVi LLabani.jpg

Evijola Llabani


Lori Ferrins.jpg

Lori Ferrins


Воротынцев Илья.jpg

Ilya Vorotyntsev


EVi LLabani.jpg

Evijola Llabani



Read more about IYCN 

(bold are own publications, italic are about IYCN)

Read our Statutes and Bylaws



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  • IUPAC and IYCN: Working Together for a Globally Sustainable Future
    Carolina Sotério, João Borges and Javier García Martínez, Chemistry International 2022, 44 (2), 39-45. DOI:

  • Becoming a Scientist Means Empowering Oneself to Improve Life
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  • Younger Chemists Thriving during the Global COVID-19 Pandemic
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  • A Virtual Journey in Empowering Early-Career Chemists
    João Borges, Lori Ferrins, Antonio M. Rodríguez, Maximilian Menche, Dimitra T. Pournara, Katja Väyrynen, Jovana V. Milić, Juan C. Aponte-Santini, Chem. Views, 02 February 202, DOI: 10.1002/chemv.202100001





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