History of IYCN

Incubation, Initiation and Launch


Established as a task force in Boston during the ACS Fall national meeting.  


Soft launch at EuCheMS in Sevilla. Formal IUPAC Project Proposal.


Official launch in Brazil, as an associate member organization of IUPAC.


IYCN Executive Board


Lori Ferrins


Fun Man Fung


Bailey Mourant


Max Männel

Willis Muganda

Finance Chair

The finance team is striding to establish long term relationships with corporate sponsors regions, broadly apply for grants to fund project specific activities, and continue to collaborate with established chemical societies. It is also the responsibility of the finance team to manage IYCN's budget.

Sebastian Weber

Social Media Chair

The aim of this committee is to establish and maintain an online presence for IYCN in various social media outlets. This includes the management of the IYCN website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, as well as the Wikipedia page.Furthermore, Social Media Team is in charge of publishing the quarterly IYCN newsletter, and advertising all events and actions of IYCN.

Stephen Aderinto

Governance Chair

The governance team works on establishing and updating the IYCN statutes and by laws. Its role is to anticipate and resolve questions regarding governance (internal rules, formal relationship with IUPAC and other parties) that guide the actions of the network and guarantee the continuation of IYCN's four-pillar mission (collaborate, communicate, educate, mentor).

João Borges

Conference Presence Chair

The conference presence committee's goals are to support the vision of the IYCN. We collaborate with international societies to cohost activities and to share resources to expand our network. We aim to have a presence at international conferences through flyers, oral and poster presentations, and virtually to connect with other young chemists across the globe.

Courtney Ngai

Public Outreach Chair

The public outreach team is responsible for fostering produc-tive collaborations between IYCN and other international societies and organisations. We are also focused on promoting the visions of IYCN to the chemistry community through the opera-tion of exchange programs whilst also ensuring that chemistry is accessible to the wider community.

Natalie LaFranzo and Torsten John

IYCN International Society Liaison

The International Society Liaisons serve as a bridge between IYCN and other international societies and organizations. The Committee disseminates opportunities to collaborate, and establishes links between partners and IYCN. The Committee also assists the Executive Board by providing strategic and actionable advice for each potential collaboration, and facilitates communication and cooperation between relevant parties. 

Catherine Rawlins

Graphic Designer

Gabriela Tormet



Past IYCN Chairs

Ilya Vorotyntsev


Evijola Llabani


IYCN subcommittee members

Brady Greene

Nicholas Blelloch

Meredith Pomfret

Frank Kraus

Insa Seck

Michael Linden

Aliyu Akeem

Finance Committee

Jovana Milic

Fernando Gomollon Bel

Bianca Leigh Davids

Amusan Oluwatobi Omotola

Sophie Carenco

Governance Committee

Aurora Walshe

Hooi-Ling Lee

Marcel Denny

Matthew Chrzanowski

Marilia Valli

Carolina Soterio

Shaimaa Goher

Tony Kinoti

Public Outreach Committee

Nnanake-Abasi O. Offiong

Michael Terzidis

Emmanuel C. Ohaekenyem

Maarten van Sisseren

Gabriela Tormet-González

Maximilian Springer

Dimitra Pournara

Marta Da Pian

Social Media Committee

Caitlyn Mills

Fatima Mustafa

Hmunshel Jasha

Saravanan Subramanian

Ray Borg

Claudia Bonfio

Mirabbos Hojamberdiev

Aliyu Akeem

Silvia Zieger

Conference Presence Commitee

Anna Ahveninen

Nicolas Hauck

International Society Liaisons Committee



Our General Assembly took place during the IUPAC 2019 conference in Paris.

Find more of our GA and IUPAC2019 here.

Where we come from

Read more about IYCN 

Read our Statutes and Bylaws

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